About Us

The website was created by me, Melvin, as a personal blog at first. It was used to keep track of all the drinks I have tries and have or have not enjoyed. Since this website started getting traction from other people, I have changed this website so other people can use it to discover new drinks, or try the drinks that I recommend are nice. I hope this website has been useful to you in one way or another :)


1. All stores are visited anonymously

2. Drinks are judged by at least 3 people before any review is posted

3. The same drink is tested from different outlets of the drink's store

Drinks are rated out of 5 based on their taste, price, quality and the accessibility* of the drink. Taste can be subjective so don't let that affect your decision too much! Price is relative to other drinks in Singapore

*Accessibility: How easily the drink is found and also how many outlets are there in Singapore and how speard out they are accross the island.

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