Bubble Tea

Golden Bubble Milk Tea

By Koi

This drink is the iconic drink from Koi and I must say, after drinking it so many times, it's still amazing! If you are having difficulties choosing a drink, you can't go wrong with this classic. If you're wanting to get one, it can be found at KOI outlets for $4.90! (Large with pearls) or $3.50 for the smaller cup.

Honey Red Tea

By Each A Cup

Ah, this drink is one of my all-time favourites. Ever since I was a kid, I have been drinking this non-stop and have never gotten sick of it. I have tried this drink from multiple stores and I must say the one from each a cup is the best. For an affordable price, you can get such an amazing drink.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

By LiHo

The one drink that inspired the whole brown sugar craze in Singapore, and for being the first, it definitely stood its own as being one of the better brown sugar drinks out there. Forget the newer drinks out there that takes forever to get since their queues are so long, just get this instead.

Honey Milk Tea

By Gong Cha

Another honey variant of the popular mile tea series. After tasting this drink, I must say it is not the best drink I have tasted for sure. Something about the milk that Gong Cha uses just does not fit the drink at all. It feels, off. If you are looking for a good honey milk tea drink, there are other places that serve much tastier ones.
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